Farmers gathered to fug for 16 years in the self-directed film before being released

"My dream" director Cenmou
"My dream" director Cenmou. China is only a junior high school culture of 34-year-old farmers to raise millions of dollars, self-directed shooting a inspirational film; the film is about to release, but he was 16 years ago, a fight and reduced to prisoners. June 7 from Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province Cangnan County Procuratorate was informed that Cenmou absconded 16 years later, the hospital was arrested on suspicion of affair assault. Cen is a citizen of Shizhu County, Chongqing City. In 2000, 18 years old he went to Cangnan County Jin Township to work. When the evening of April 2 and the villagers gathered to drink, Cen and others because of trivial matters with others, after the conflict escalation. On the 4th of the month, the two sides gathered personnel, armed with a knife, steel and other fights, resulting in more than injuries. After the incident, four associates were sentenced, Cenmou was arrested after the police absconded. "My dream" conference. Cincinnati, according to Chern, accountable, absconded after he had a repairman, opened the restaurant. During his personal experience as a blueprint for the creation of the script "my dream". Because only junior high school culture, he in addition to self-study, but also to the China University of Communication training director, and raised millions of dollars made into the film of the same name. In May this year, Cenmou in Chongqing Xiushan County, a hotel was arrested by the police. Before being caught, he was preparing for the film. Farmers raised millions of dollars, self-directed film, Cenmou has been a number of media reports. "My dream" tells the peasant yellow sea old child, expect his son Huang Zhi grew up to succeed, but Huang Zhi graduated from school to drop out of school, lazy to gambling for a living. Yellow has cancer, Huang by the usury for the father of treatment. After the death of his father, Huang Zhi re-life, through hard work to pay off the debt, and his girlfriend to support the realization of the childhood director of the dream.

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