Nanjing public security: network rumored factions do not make rumors rumors were investigated

Nanjing Jiangning occurred gathered fighting events
Xinhua News Agency, Nanjing, June 9 (Reporter Yang Shaogong) for the evening of 7, "Nanjing Jiangning occurred gathered fighting incident", the reporter interviewed personnel involved, on-site disposal of police, and view the scene monitoring video, found that the region that night People gathered, but did not fight. Nanjing public security department said it had seized five suspected rumbling rumors, suspects recognize their own behavior to bring adverse social impact, said the future will no longer spread unverified bad information. Reporters in the Nanjing Public Security Bureau Jiangning Branch Dongshan police station to view the scene monitoring, video display at 20:50 on the 7th, Jiangning Wanda Plaza, near the crowd gathered around the crowd. 21:10, some people went to Zhushan Road, auxiliary road and motor vehicle lane, the local police officers to dispel and ease the traffic. 21:30, gathered the masses began to disperse to 23:00 on-site order recovery. During which there is no network of fights scenes. On-site command to guide the Dongshan police station director Zhang Yuanbin said that Wanda Plaza is Jiangning District commercial center, that night is catching up with the movie "World of Warcraft" premiere, the square near the masses more. In the meantime, due to individual taxi drivers and network car drivers dispute, causing the crowd gathered onlookers, affecting traffic order. The police to gather the masses to persuade the people, and the individual disobedience to dissuade the people to take control measures. According to the Nanjing Public Security Bureau Jiangning Branch network security brigade police Wang Haiding introduction, the initial investigation found that the network more than a taxi gathered in the overpass under the picture content, is what happened in the field before. Net mass group armed brawl small video, is the field of film shooting scenes. The security of the injured arm is actually the person who was injured and admitted to hospital on June 3 when performing other tasks. Suspected of making rumors of the suspect Zhang Moumou, the circle of friends in the false video cut the 9 map to microblogging, and post said: "Nanjing taxi and drop, excellent step software and other collective in Jiangning Wanda collective Street fighting! Now a dead, more injury !! More than a special injury! "As has more than 70,000 fans of microblogging users, Zhang Moumou posts were a large number of users forward, resulting in adverse social impact. After the criminal detention by the public security department, Zhang Moumou said that he did not know the real situation, should not blindly follow the trend, speculation, malicious spread. "I have a plus v bloggers, should not do so." Nanjing public security department said that as of 9 am, has been seized There were five suspects who broke the rumors of the incident, one of whom was detained in criminal detention, two were in administrative detention and two others were subject to other administrative penalties. Author: Yang Shao Gong (Source: Xinhua News Agency)

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