Hubei Xiaochang County, a river bed is a heavy air bomb to be destroyed (Figure)

Site personnel will be bombs from the river bed to dig Song Jun early 1 o'clock on the morning 9 am
On August 1 morning, a man in Hubei Xiaochang County in the county and a river bed, found that a young man on the river in the river, Heavy bombs. Xiaochang County Public Security Bureau Public Security Battalion after the alarm, the immediate organization of police and machinery, the heavy aviation bombs safely dug up, and its transfer to the county Xiaowu rural remote mountains, to be successfully destroyed. On the morning of 9 am, a man came to Xiaochang County Garden Railway downstream of the North Bridge fishing, suddenly found the river pebbles have a "round guy", he used pebbles knocked on the ground. Hit a bit, "round guy" outside off a piece of rust, exposed the steel shell. Realizing that the "round guy" is likely to be a heavy air bomb, the man hurriedly alarmed. Blasting experts placed detonated explosives Song Junchu photo Subsequently, Xiaochang County Public Security Bureau police rushed to the scene. After the initial measurement, the project body weighing 600 kilos, about 130cm, diameter of about 50cm, the entire projectile integrity, the appearance of serious rust, there is a large risk of explosion. The experts identified, this weight of 600 kilos of heavy aviation bombs of the Japanese invasion of China to attack the county garden town period left. Ready to detonate Song Junchu photo as the location of the missile found in the vicinity of the railway bridge, and near the river there are factories and residents, the county public security bureau police decided to first air bombs away from the scene. Heavy air bombs were safely destroyed Song Junchu the same day afternoon, blasting technical staff in the remote mountain in the small remote, many times the location of the investigation, the final site will be identified in a three-sided mountain secluded place. Then, by the migrant workers dug a deep pit, by the explosive experts placed explosives and detonation device, backfill loess and fill in the top of the sandbags, under the guidance of the experts in the explosion, the bomb was detonated destroyed.

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